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The environment needs us all

The Recycling Unit

The environment needs us all


Grinding and separation of the components

The batteries are loaded into a crusher that cuts them into pieces with a capacity that reaches 5 tons / hour...

Charge Composition

The charges consist of lead that results from the plates’ crushing and rejects of the manufacturing battery unit plant...

Reduction, casting and The separation of the lead slag

The melting and load reduction is achieved in a rotary furnace. This operation provides Lead contractor. The reduction is achieved in a rotary furnace tip of 1.8 m3 that is heated by a burner mounted on a moving truck.

Refining / Alloy

This step is done in three tanks with a capacity of 25 tons. They are equipped with an extractor hood and connected to handle- filter to purify the fumes...



ASSAD is a Tunisian company specialized in designing, manufacturing, distributing and recycling of lead storage batteries. Its production covers a wide range of applications: automotive, marine, solar energy, recreation, industry, computing and telecommunications.
ASSAD company was Founded in 1974, it  employed at the time an engineer and a dozen of workers, it has experienced over the years a  considerable growth which make it  a leader in the domestic market.
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