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industrial battery

industrial battery

Presentation of Corporate Activity Industrial Batteries:

* The company ENERSYS SARL ASSAD: Joint venture between ENERSYS world leader in industrial batteries and battery Tunisien ASSAD is a totally exporting company specializing in manufacturing of monoblock lightweight photovoltaic traction in open technology lead and VRLA "GEL".

* The company ENERSYS INDUSTRIAL Assad. Assad group subsidiary specializing in the manufacture and marketing of stationary and traction batteries

* The company ENERSYS ASSAD NORTH AFRICA: ASSAD subsidiary of the group is a totally exporting company for marketing of all types of batteries for export .

* The GEELEC company: Subsidiary of ASSAD group is an import and marketing of products not manufactured by Group companies products company .

Products marketed by activity Industrial Batteries:

* Traction battery for "cart, truck and electric stacker, boat, car washer, golf cart ......).

* charger for traction batteries.

* Stationary Batteries: Lead Line opened, AGM, GEL and for NiCd. "Photovoltaic system, telecommunications, UPS, emergency lighting, maritime, airport and railway signaling ......)


* Mehdi Kallel "ENERSYS Manager ASSAD"

* Nabil Kacem "Commercial Director"

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